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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eighty-second Post ~ Afternoon Sweet & Salty Snack: "Snowfall on San Fran"

The salt-caramel sensation that's sweeping the nation has not gone unnoticed by the Accidental Chef!

So far, most of the salted caramel and chocolate combinations I've tried have been from the west coast, and are a little tougher to find out here.  So I've taken measures into my own hands!

I figured that Ghirardelli was a good chocolate brand to go with, since the chocolate is a great quality and the caramel is buttery but not too overpowering.

That, and they've got this nice little concave spot around the top that holds the salt nicely!

Salt from a shaker works great for this, but coarse-ground sea salt gives it an extra punch.  Grind on as much or as little as you like, then carefully nibble each piece so as not to lose the topping.

Now THAT'S an afternoon pick-me-up!

Yours in the love of good food and unexpected combinations,

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