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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally taking a breath of air...

Well, my friends... the move is over. Ginny is (nearly) housebroken. My final papers are written, and I'm taking my first real breath of air since... well, you can check the date.

As you can see by the pictures, my kitchen is now ready for Accidental-Chef-style cooking! Actually, truth be told, it was ready a few weeks ago, but with all the school work I had to catch up on after the move, my posts would have been something like:
There once was an herbed lamb chop served with basil green beans and a snappy Spanish red.
The End.
And it'd be accompanied by a picture of stripped-clean lamb bones and an empty wine glass.

So I took a little haitus, and now, I'm back! So stay tuned in the weeks to come for summer cooking fun, including:
~Quick, last-minute food for entertaining that will make it seem you slaved for hours
~Simple desserts for one with whatever you've got lying around
~How to dress up a Wegman's gourmet pizza
~And of course, there will be lots of wine pairing, including tips for tricky summer foods, like sushi!

Stay tuned and stay cool - the summer is a-comin' in!