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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fifty-first Post ~ A Cold Remedy: The Hot Toddy.

This post is a sort of culinary sequel, if you will, to Post #32 on Chicken Soup. I've been hit by one of those awful spring colds, and after making myself a pot of chicken soup today (and eating three bowls of it) I was faced with the "bedtime" question... what to do about all those brutal cold symptoms that keep you up at night? Cold medicine renders me a zombie the next day... so the answer, my friends, lies in the Hot Toddy.

Now some of my friends have mocked me a bit for liking hot toddies when I'm sick. Personally, I say: don't mock until you've had one. Here's what you'll need for a classic (and dare I say elegant) hot toddy:

~ Herbal tea (Good herbal tea - I got these by Mighty Leaf at Wegmans and just had to include a picture - they're like little works of art! This one is chamomile and citrus)
~ Lemon (a slice is best, but lemon juice works as well!)
~ A cinnamon stick
~ Honey (be generous - it helps your throat!)
~ Brandy or whiskey (tonight's is made with a Kentucky bourbon infused with honey.

Muddle the lemon and honey together. Add the cinnamon and tea. Steep according to the directions. Add the spirit of your choice. I only add a "pony shot" (1 oz.) but this can certainly be altered to fit your desires!

Sit back, inhale deeply, sip this soothing concoction and let all the cold tension melt away!

Yours in the love of food and the healing power of just the right recipe,

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