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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Forty-seventh Post ~ Chicken Nuggets with Blue Bruschetta and a Crisp Salad... Because sometimes, you just want summer to GET HERE already...

This is such a simple meal, I almost didn't post about it, but then I thought, maybe someone else out there could at least be warmed by the idea that Summer Foods + Middle of Winter = Instant Happy.

I don't know why this whole montage struck me as "summery" - perhaps it just looked like the kind of stuff you'd find at a picnic... a kid's picnic, even...

Growing up, my mom was a big fan of serving salads as a side during summer. And the fact that I was a miniature foodie from Day 1 not withstanding, these were seriously kid-friendly salads. Crispy green lettuce, french dressing so sweet it was like candy, and ginormous chunks of velveeta cheese everywhere.

When I eat bruschetta (especially Wegmans!) I find myself sitting on a sunny hill in Delaware Park watching Shakespeare with friends and pounding seriously good eats.

When I bread and toss chicken nuggets... well, I just feel like a kid. And isn't that summer in a nutshell?

So here's what you'll need:

For the bruschetta:
~ Wegman's bruschetta
~ Blue cheese crumbles

Toss ahead of time and let it all meld.

For the chicken:
~ Chicken tenderloins, diced
~ Italian breadcrumbs
~ Salt to taste
~ Olive oil

Dice and coat the chicken cubes and drop carefully onto a pan with a good amount of seriously hot oil. Toss around for a bit until browned and crispy

For the salad:
~ $1.00 and change
~ A fast-food drive-through window

For a one-time quick salad, I love grabbing one of the $1 salads from a drivethru. It's a fast, cheap pre-made veggie. I got ranch dressing because it reminded me of picnics and let it chill in the fridge until right before I sat down.

Serve with a chilled white (I had Vetter Vineyard's Chardonnay) and a good summery CD, like Jack Johnson, playing on your laptop.

Summer will come, folks! And then we'll all be pining for the days of sweaters and cozy winter stews!

Yours in the love of good food and wine and the memories they carry,